Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling in Jamaica

What travel documents do I need to travel to Jamaica?

All US citizens, including infants, are required to carry a valid US passport when traveling to Jamaica. Please make sure your passport is up to date. If you have questions about this requirement or are a citizen of another country, call 1-800-233-4582 (Jamaica Tourist Board). In the US, you can also check with the Embassy of Jamaica: 1520 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036 | tel (202) 452-0660. Citizens of other countries should contact your country’s embassy in Jamaica.

My Budget

How much cash should I bring?

It really is up to you. Most guests pay for everything in cash, but most commercial establishments in Jamaica accept US credit cards as well. Please note that roadside vendors and handicraft sellers do not accept credit cards. If you wish to pay for your groceries with a credit card, you will need to accompany our in-house chef, Chef Fitzroy, to the market. Otherwise, you will need to give Chef Fitzroy cash with which to pay. We recommend budgeting $75.00 per adult per day and $30.00 per child per day for meals. At the end of your trip, Chef Fitzroy will present your receipts and reconcile your account. Cash tips are preferred because tips are heavily taxed if paid via credit card. There will be many instances where it will be appropriate to tip in cash. You will need to tip your porters US$1 for each bad you bring. We recommend that you bring at least enough cash to tip the villa staff at the end of your stay. An appropriate staff tip is $50.00 per used bedroom per night. All in all, we estimate that a couple staying for a full week should bring a minimum of $1500.00 in cash. Make sure that you bring smalls bills. In the event that you need cash, this can be advanced from one’s credit card at the Front Desk (with one-day advance notice and a maximum of $200.00 per credit card per day). A 7.5% surcharge applies to all cash advances. This is the same surcharge you would incur if you used an ATM. Please note that there is a safe located in every bedroom for all your valuables.

Can I use a credit card in Jamaica?

You can use a credit card during your stay with us. Most guests pay for everything in cash, but most commercial establishments in Jamaica accept US credit cards as well. Please note that roadside vendors and handicraft sellers do not accept credit cards. You will need to bring cash for tips for your porters and the villa staff. Don't forget to call your credit card company and let them know you will be traveling to Jamaica so they won't suspect credit card fruad!

What currency is best used at the Villa and at Tryall?

It is best to bring US dollars with you and to exchange the money in your country before arrival as the Jamaican Dollar is volatile right now due to different International markets.


How are meals selected/determined at the Villa?

We have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with daily specials. Chef Fitzroy is Anticipation’s private, award-winning gourmet chef. He will do all the shopping and prepare all the meals you eat in the villa. Chef Fitzroy also tends to an organic herb and vegetable garden located outside the kitchen on the property where he grows chives, Chinese thyme, rosemary, aloe vera, peppermint, cherries, spinach, lemon basil, tarragon arugula, pineapple, gungo peas, and ackee, among others. The food he grows will be used to make your meals. A food list will be emailed to you prior to your arrival so that you and your guests can list your meal preferences. Please make Chef Fitzroy aware of any dietary restrictions you may have (Kosher, vegan, gluten-free, peanut free, etc.) so he can accommodate your needs. You can choose your meals for each night or elect for Fitzroy to choose for you. You can elect to eat any type of cuisine you desire, including traditional Jamaican foods. Additionally, if you are traveling with young children or other persons who may desire different menus, you are welcome to select different dishes each night.

The Villa

What is the nightly or weekly rate?

Our rates are dependent on the season in which you wish to visit and the number of rooms you wish to occupy. You can find our rates here. Please note that our minimum stay is four nights.

Is the nightly or weekly rate all-inclusive?

No, the rate is not all-inclusive. Additional fees to consider:

  • The Tryall Club will charge a 5% administration fee on your rental rate that goes directly to Tryall upon check-in.
  • We suggest planning on budgeting $75 per person per day for food. Upon arrival, you will meet with Chef Fitzroy to discuss what your food likes and dislikes are. The cost will obviously vary depending on menus and market prices.
  • There is an airport transportation fee. $100 round trip (arrival and departure) for the first four passengers and $26 round trip per each additional person.
  • There is a butler, a house manager, laundress, housekeeper and groundskeeper. The recommended gratuity for the staff is $50.00 USD per occupied bedroom per night and the total is divided amongst the staff at the end of your stay. US cash is preferred for staff gratuities. If more than 12 people (6 bedrooms) are staying, we suggest an additional $25 USD per occupied bedroom per night. (Maximum guest count is 14).
  • The Tryall Club requires all villa and condo guests to become members during their stay via a Temporary Membership Fee of US $149.50 per week for each guest, 16 years or older or $34.50 per day for each guest, 16 years or older if staying for less than a week. This fee can be collected upon check in at Tryall. As a member, guests may use most Club facilities at no charge with the exception of golf, tennis, food and beverage, and spa services. Some complimentary amenities include the beach, water sports, the Hummingbird Kids Club, Great House afternoon tea, the Manager's Cocktail Party and various other special events.
  • There will be a $1500 security deposit required that will be refunded at the end of your trip as long as all is well.
  • (Optional) For arrival and departure Club Mobay offers VIP Express Service and access to their lounge at an additional cost. Upon arrival a representative meets you at the plane door and quickly escorts you through customs and immigration lines. On departure, after you have checked your luggage with the airline you are then given fast track.

What are the Check-in and Check-out times?

Check-in is at 3:00 PM and Check-out 12 noon. Please note that if there is no one checking in or out on your respective dates, we would be willing to accommodate your flight schedule and allow late check out or early check in. Please ask us so we can make arrangements.

What is the maximum number of guests that can stay in the villa?

If renting 6 bedrooms, up to 14 people are welcome to stay. Each additional person over 12 will incur a $150 per person per night fee and additional staff gratuity is strongly encouraged.

Who are the Anticipation Villa Staff Members and what do they do?

Chef Fitzroy purchases groceries and prepares every meal you enjoy at the villa. Ameline and Jasmine will care for every detail of your bedroom and bath by providing fresh linens and flowers, returning your neatly-folded laundry daily, and turning down your bed each evening. Anthony will maintain the pool and grounds immaculately each day. Clayton will serve your meals, tend the bar, and serve you as need. Finanlly, Latoya will facilitate all things needed at the villa, making sure your stay is all you hoped and more! Please keep in mind even though the staff has their respective positions, they work as a team and are cross-trained to make sure every guest’s stay is greater than what they "anticipated".

What is an appropriate staff tip?

There is a gourmet chef, butler, house manager, laundress, housekeepers and groundskeeper. The recommended gratuity for the staff is 10% to 15% of total published rental rate. This will be divided amongst the staff. US cash is preferred for staff gratuities. If more than 12 people (6 bedrooms) are staying, we suggest an additional $25 USD per occupied bedroom per night. (Maximum guest count is 14).

What do the bedrooms include and where are they located?

Anticipation has six separate bedroom suites, each organized to maximize your comfort and feature a stunning panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. The villa can comfortably house up to 14 people.

  • Sunrise Suite - The easternmost bedroom which is adjacent to the Oceanview Suite and opens onto a covered lounge. Includes a king size bed and en-suite bathroom.
  • Oceanview Suite - This bedroom is adjacent to the Sunrise room and opens onto a covered lounge. Includes a king Size bed and en-suite bathroom.
  • Fairway Suite - This bedroom opens onto the covered outdoor dining room and includes a king size bed and en-suite bathroom.
  • Poolside Suite - This bedroom opens onto the pool deck and is adjacent to the Panorama Suite. Includes two double beds which can be placed together for an oversized California king and en-suite bathroom.
  • Panorama Suite - This bedroom is located between the Poolside Suite and the Sunset Suite and also opens onto the pool deck. Includes a king size bed, a queen (pullout) sleeper sofa and en-suite bathroom.
  • Sunset Suite - The westernmost bedroom which is adjacent to the Panorama Suite and opens onto the pool deck, nearest to the stairs down to the Mobay View Terrace. This bedroom includes two double beds which can be placed together for an oversized California king, a queen (pullout) sleeper sofa and en-suite bathroom.

Do I need to use all six bedrooms?

No, the staff will only prepare the number of bedrooms you have requested for yourself and your guests.

Can I choose a bedroom?

Unfortunately, guests cannot select a bedroom. Our staff chooses and prepares bedrooms for your arrival.

Is there a Keurig onsite?

We do not have a Keurig. We do, however, have a regular coffee machine with a bean grinder. We also have a Nespresso Machine which takes pods. You are welcome to bring any pods or coffee that you prefer.

Are there any board games for guest use at the villa?

Yes, we have some board games available for guests to enjoy while staying at the villa. We have Monopoly , Balderdash, Ring Toss, giant and small dominoes sets, Jenga Xtreme, Pictionary, Scrabble, playing cards, Taboo, and “HYPERtheticals: 50 questions for Insane Conversation”. Additionally, we also have a poker table with poker chips and playing cards.

Is the property handicapped accessible?

The property is not ADA compliant. It is wheelchair accessible. The showers are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. However, throughout the house, there are several two-inch lips that lead out to the patios which are needed in order to prevent water from flowing back into the house. We are looking into a possible / temporary solution to make it easier for mobility challenged persons to maneuver up and down those lips. Tryall does not have a handicapped accessible van.

How close is the villa to the beach?

The beach is approximately three hundred yards away, which is a five-minute walk or a two minute golf cart ride.

How many golf carts are supplied with the villa?

Three golf carts are complimentary for onsite use with each villa rental. Two are four seaters and the third is a six seater. If you need additional golf carts to rent – they can be rented at a cost is US$45 per day plus 17.5% tax. (Gas or Electric). Drivers MUST be 16 years or older with a driver’s license. Please note that there is also a complimentary shuttle available as needed.

Is there internet access at the villa?

Yes, there is high-speed wireless internet throughout the house.

Is the villa air conditioned?

All six bedrooms are air conditioned.

Are there safes available for guest use?

There is a safe in each bedroom for guest use.

Is smoking allowed in the villa?

There is no smoking allowed inside any of the bedroom suites or indoor common areas at any time. Breaking this rule will result in a $250 per incident fee for cleaning purposes. Guests may smoke down at the firepit area.

Attractions and Activities

What is there to do at the Tryall Club?

Tryall offers access to a private on-site beach. Additionally, with your temporary membership fee, you will have access to all onsite sports and facilities, including an ocean facing gym, tennis courts (white dress), yoga classes, volleyball, football, kayaking, croquet, and basketball. Golf and spa treatments are available at an additional cost. Tryall also offers four different onsite shops: Tryall Market, Tryall Boutique, Tennis Pro Shop, and Sin Ting Beachy. A variety of handicraft vendors are also invited onsite each day to sell their crafts. There are daily onsite bird tours provided by the Environmental Manager. There are also tours of the many historical landmarks located on Tryall’s 2,200-acre estate. These tours require a reservation which can be made through the Front Desk or Guest Services. There are also offsite tours provided by Island Routes. There are a variety of nature and adventure tours to choose from, such as ATV tours, river rafting, horse riding, and swimming with dolphins. There are also many historical and cultural tours, including tours or Rose Hall, the Appleton Rum Estate, and visits to the city of Negril. These tours are at additional cost and require reservations. Inquiries and bookings should be emailed to or made in person at the Island Route Boutique in the Great House. For a complete listing of onsite facilities and offsite tours, please visit the Tryall website at